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About Us

Founded in 2008, Due Pi Service Ro S.r.l. manufactures electrical and electronical panels for the control and automation of industrial platforms, energy platforms, metal platforms, chemical and petrochemical platforms. Using the experience and the high qualifications of our staff, we always offer effective solutions that satisfy all our customers’ requests.

Founded in the need of the major Italian contractors that want to expand in low-cost countries, DUE PI SERVICE ROMANIA, represents an investment of over 1 million euros:

The company has:

  • 1. A new, modern and fully equipped establishment that offers the best conditions for production and personnel, with ample space which allows a diversified and simultaneous production.

Area of 1.500 m² is divided into:
- 1.100 m² production area
- 400 m² offices area
Located on an industrial platform, on Bucharest’s beltway, near the airport, facilities the access of trucks when receiving and delivering goods in efficient logistic conditions.

  • 2. The highly qualified staff 15 persons.





Company in numbers:

Looking ahead, we grow through continued efforts, we continuing challenge innovation using advanced technologies and highly qualified personnel.

The economic ascendancy is confirmed by the obtained results: