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Our customers

By the effort made from our entire team we tied strong partnerships with our customers based on friendship and trust.

The professionalism that we show helped us to meet a continued growth of the works volume, their complexity, which has established the economic upward, enriching the company's portfolio with new clients and diverse projects.

List of customers

Each customer represents a challenge for us!

We strive to be a strategic partner for our customers engaging us with passion and enthusiasm, demonstrating dedication, flexibility and promptness.

We provide not only equipment and solutions but especially quality, all these with a continuous openness to customer's needs.

People and technologies

Looking ahead, we grow through to continued efforts; we continually challenge innovation by using advanced technologies and highly qualified personnel.

The foundation of the organizational structure Due Pi Service Ro is made by the people, and we invest in our team, involving permanently in the development of the professional skills in consolidating the experience, providing all the necessary efforts and offering training programs necessary for the progress of each individual.